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Camp Program

5-12 years old

The objective for our summer curriculum is an enrichment program that offers added outdoor activities and many different opportunities for fun, socialization, friendship and exploration. We continue to build on the skills acquired and enhance each child’s individual and unique development.


During no school days, early release, winter break, spring break, and summer camp, Kiddie City Early Education Center offers a full-day camp program for children 5-12 years of age. Our summer camp includes many group play activities,supervised field trips, and counselors dedicated to educate as well as entertain your children. Our program provides physical exercise and fun games for a healthy lifestyle. Our camp also includes many games where kids can practice competitive skills in a safe environment. Our field trips provide a supervised environment where children can unwind and explore in the safety of our staff’s supervision.

 The camp program combines safe and exciting field trips, sports activities, on-site learning events and summer fun, with safety as our number one priority.

On these field trips the children will be required to wear a red T-shirt to allow for easy identification. During transportation to and from field trips transportation logs are done to ensure that safety comes first.

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