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Policies & Procedures

Toys/Jewelry From Home
Kiddie City asks that parents do not allow their children to bring toys or other play items from home. We also ask that small jewelry not be worn as it may be a safety hazard. We cannot be held responsible for lost or broken items. Children are allowed to bring a “special” item that may correspond with the child's comfort or "security item". Please make sure all of the child's items are clearly labeled with your child’s name and advise their teachers directly of their belongings to avoid lost items.



Children celebrating their birthday are more than welcome to have a party in class. We encourage parents to bring small treats, such as cupcakes and fruit juices. Parents also have the option to bring a goody bag for their child's classmates. ALL treats and foods must be store bought and may not contain any nut products. 


Hours & Late Fees

We are open Monday through Friday from 6:30am until 6:30pm. Any child picked up after 6:30pm will have a late fee assessed at $1.00 per minute. If your child is not picked up by within an hour of closing time (7:30pm), we are required by law to notify our local police department.


Holidays & School Closings
Kiddie City Early Education Center is closed on the following legal holidays: President's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, (and the Friday after), Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Years Day. Early closing will be posted at the office when applicable.


Tuition and Registration Fees
 Tuition is due on Friday (and no later than Monday at 12 pm), for the next week. After Monday at 12pm, non-payment will result in a $40 late fee. After one week of non- payment, the child will be dis-enrolled from the program. Any checks returned by the bank will have a $40 charge assessed and check writing privileges will be revoked. Company or out of state checks will not be accepted. It will remain our goal to provide the BEST care for our children and maintain the balance of the responsibility to the business side of our school. This enables us to ensure great programs, continually upgrade and replace equipment, maintain ongoing training of our staff and maintain our facility.



If your child attends Kiddie City Early Education Center for only one (1) day during a week, tuition will be 1/2 of the regular fee. If your child attends two or more days during the week, it is considered full-time attendance and a full week's tuition is due. Holidays are counted as days attended and will not be counted towards days absent.


Withdrawal From School

Parents are required to formally withdraw their children from Kiddie City Early Education Center.  Parents are required to give at least TWO WEEKS NOTICE TO THE OFFICE. Parents are responsible for any and all tuitions charged until child is properly withdrawn.


Vacation & Sick Time
All students are permitted to one week of vacation during the year. The year runs from your child's enrollment date, not the calendar year. Vacations or sick time runs Monday – Friday in the same week. Vacation time can also be used if your child is sick. Any additional time for a vacation will require a RESERVATION FEE, (1/2 the weekly tuition), in order to maintain your child’s enrollment.


Weather Emergencies
In the event of a weather emergency such as a hurricane, Kiddie City Early Education Center will follow the Broward County School Board’s recommendation concerning the closing of all schools in the county. As soon as that decision has been made and broadcasted over the local radio and television stations, all parents or their emergency contact person must come and get their children as soon as possible. Two or more full days will be considered full time, and no credits will be given for such circumstances. NOTE: Kiddie City Early Education Center can only complete emergency preparations after your children have been taken home.


Dress Code

Parents are asked to provide a least two changes of clothing and a blanket for their child at nap time. Blankets are to be taken home each Friday to be washed. Please be sure to have your child’s name on all of his/her belongings. Every child has their own assigned cubby to store their belongings. Note: Children who are being toilet-trained should have 2 or 3 sets of extra clothes due to the increased chance of soiling their original attire. Children should wear appropriate play attire and dress as the weather dictates. Sneakers are the safest and most comfortable footwear for active, playful children. *Open toe and open back shoes are not permitted. SPECIAL SAFETY NOTE: FINGERNAILS MUST BE TRIMMED!



Kiddie City's discipline policy is consistent with the age and needs of the individual child. Positive guidance techniques such as redirection, praise, role modeling and having clear and reasonable classroom rules are always used. On occasion, we may find it necessary to have a talk with a child outside of the classroom environment. Communication between the school and parent is very important. If there is a constant behavioral issue, we may contact the parent by phone call and/or ask to schedule a conference with the parents and teachers regarding the behavior. If a situation arises in the home that might affect your child’s behavior, please notify the teacher and director so that we can work with you to address the situation.


Health Required Forms

The Broward County Child Care Program, a supervisory branch of the county government, require that all children attending school must have up to date immunizations, a certificate of recent immunizations (within the last year), and a doctor’s statement of good health. Please be reminded that by law you are given seven (7) days from the day of enrollment to provide these documents. Failure to do so will result in disenrollment from the program.


To insure that medication prescribed by your child’s doctor is administered properly, Kiddie City asks that you follow these guidelines:
Medications cannot be dispensed without a note from the child’s physician.
• Verify the amount, any possible reactions & other information/instructions pertaining to the medication and tell your child’s teacher. YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER BY LAW ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ADMINISTER MEDICATION TO THE CHILD.

• A medication form, (#5 available from the assistant director), must be completed and given to the office along with the labeled prescription. Any medications left for the office to administer, MUST have your child’s name clearly written on it.
• ALL medication must be kept out of the reach of the children. Never mix medications with food or drinks.



Any child displaying symptoms such as fever ( of at least 100), vomiting or diarrhea WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AT KIDDIE CITY. By bringing your sick child in to contact with the other children, it contributes to the spread of the illness. Please be CONSIDERATE of other working parents and their children. NOTE: If your child gets a contagious disease, such as chicken pox, pink eye, strep throat, etc… please notify us immediately. Your cooperation in this matter will help to promote a healthy environment for all parents, staff and children. In the instance that your child becomes ill during the day, Kiddie City will contact you immediately. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. YOU MUST pick up your child within one (1) hour of being notified. Your child must have a doctor's note and be symptom free for 24 hours prior to returning to school. This means that your child may not return at all before 24 hours even if they have a doctor's note and are symptom free. If your child’s doctor has placed any physical activity restrictions on your child as a result of an illness, please be sure to inform us so we can accommodate their instructions. 



Meals & Nutrition
Kiddie City Early Education Center provides morning breakfast, hot lunch, and afternoon snacks. In accordance to the Florida Food Program, we are required to serve each and every child currently present in the school. However in circumstances like allergies, picky eating, religion, etc. We do allow parents to provide their children with a healthy alternative meal that does not require to be heated up. Please ask the office staff about any foods in question. We are a peanut free environment. We do provide an online PDF copy of our 5 week lunch menu.



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