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(3-4 Years old)

the Preschool curriculum aides the children in mastering letter and number recognition, developing a healthy imagination, brainstorming problem-solving solutions, and scaffolding already mastered learning skills to new concepts. Preschool children are given the tools to explore with various objects to further develop their understanding of what has been introduced to them throughout the early stages. Preschoolers are becoming active members of a community where they can cooperate and discuss solutions with others to complete a common task. They gain awareness of their feelings and how they can affect others. The teachers in the preschool classroom are consistently challenging the student to further their understanding of concepts and ideas while engaging them in stimulating and fun activities.


Early Preschool

For Early Preschool learners our indicator-based curriculum Learn as We Grow has been specially designed to meet the needs of 30 to 42 month old children preparing for Preschool, by building the routines and self-help skills needed by all independent learners!

Building on the foundation of Explorative Learning, Children in the three year old room focus on:

  • Understanding Routines and Transitions

    • Picture schedules offer children visual clues to find structure in their day.

    • Transitions are fun, creative ways for children to move between activities.

    • Transitional tools support learning and children’s need for solid routines.

  • Developing Independence

    • Encourage children to learn about responsibility.   

    • exploration of conflict resolution and behavior expectations.

  • Learning Through Experiences

    • Large and small group learning experiences are intentionally planned by teachers, based on observation and assessment of each child’s needs.

    • Story time cards focus on strong oral language and early literacy exposure, with literacy tips on Oral Language, Concepts of Print, and Understanding Stories.


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