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(24-36 Months)

Reaching Your Child’s Milestones

In this classroom, we nurture each child's developing independence through meaningful, sensory-based activities.

Our daily routine includes both individual and group experiences. Your child will develop incredible social skills when working alongside classmates such as when creating a giant block structure. Sharing books, singing songs, and engaging finger plays also enhance the day.


Classrooms feature designated areas for playing, learning, sleeping, eating, and diapering as well as general areas that meet your child’s need to:


  • Move: Here children can crawl, climb, jump, dance, and play games. This increases physical coordination skills and is a way young children make connections in their brains.                                                            

  • Explore & Express: We encourage sensory exploration and creative expression. Children experiment with crayons, paint, water, sand, and modeling dough.                                                                                   

  • Relax: Classrooms are quiet, cozy places where children and teachers can read books, tell stories, or have conversations. This reduces emotionally overwhelming social situations that could result in behavioral issues.


Explorative Learning

Your child’s journey on the School Readiness Pathway begins here as he or she interacts with the world and develops the skills to further their development and education.

We emphasize your child’s development rather than specific age because all children grow and learn at their own unique pace. Activities are designed to address the individual needs and abilities of each child in every classroom.


This program specializes in: 

  • Cognitive Development

  • Language Development and Communication

  • Physical development and Health

  • Social-Emotional Development.


Individual and group activities allow children to interact both with others, as well as their environment. Additionally, classrooms have been specially designed to be comforting and stimulating to further maximize teacher-child interactions and learning.

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